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A Company Founded on Passion

Carol Brown O'Natreal is a company that is dedicated to selling high-quality beauty and hair care products in London, United Kingdom. We strive to help you look and feel your best.

Carol Brown, Company Owner

Discovering Her Talent for Hairdressing

Ever since the tender age of 9, Carol Brown has had a keen interest in hairdressing. She would practice hairdressing after school until  perfected.

Soon, she began to style the hair of her friends and family during lunch breaks when she was in secondary school. At that point, she knew she had a natural talent for hairdressing, which she enjoyed. 

Pursuing Her Passion

Carol decided to take her passion for styling hair a step further by studying hairdressing as well as business. After completing her education, she worked in European and Afro hair salons in the UK, where she gained experience in both hair types.

Hairdressing has taken her around Europe and Africa and has allowed her to learn different hairstyles and hairdressing techniques. Over the years, she has styled hair for first ladies, A-list celebrities, actors, actresses, and musicians. She has also done work for the BBC, T4.

Our Mission

We aim to produce the finest-grade organic natural products that will be gentle on your skin and hair.

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